Choosing The Right Online Eyeglass Store

When you are need of some new eyeglasses or sunglasses, you may want to explore all of your options online and many a times it results in you saving some money. However, the large number of options available may seem to overwhelm you stopping you in your tracks, especially if you are new to this. Listed below are some of the features which you should consider while shopping on online stores like .

  • Frame Selection

Each one of the online eyeglasses stores offers a very large variety to choose from. Look for those stores which have discount brands available in different types of rim styles, dimensions, materials, colours and sizes. Choosing an online store with a large collection ensures that you buy eyeglasses or sunglasses of the finest kind.

  • Frame Styles

While looking to buy prescription eye glasses online or any other glass, choose the style which suits your face type. Do opt for those online stores which have a wide array of designer glasses since they will provide you with a lot more options to choose from. Pick the stores which let your browse through their collection on the basis of the style that you need.

  • Lens Options

While frames do help you in looking good in the brand new pair of glasses, it is the lens which actually lets you benefit from it. Choose those eyeglass stores which offer a variety of lens materials to pick from. Check if the store offers some common lens types like progressive lens, bifocals, trifocals etc. Also make sure that the store offers add – ons like UV coatings and anti – glare.

  • Shipping

If you order your eyeglasses at the local optometry shop, you’ll have to wait for a week before you receive them. Most online stores too deliver the glasses within that time. However if you need your glasses a lot sooner then look out for those stores which offer an expedited or overnight shipping. If you aren’t in a hurry then you may want to look out for stores which offer free shipping.

Other shipping options that need to be considered while choosing a store are return policies, order tracking and international shipping. Do make sure that the company you choose pays for the return shipping.

  • Help and Support

The best eyeglasses online stores offer a very efficient customer support system to help and guide you with all the concerns and queries that you may have. Do make sure that the online store you choose lets you contact them by email or phone. It is very important to know that contacting the company in case of a problem does not prove to be a Herculean task.

Buying glasses from an online store can be intimidating if you are a first time buyer. But as you explore the numerous options that are available at your fingertips and also consider the above criteria in choosing the company, you will have no trouble in choosing the best glasses for yourself. The fact that you will save money is an added bonus.