Qualities to Look For in a Nanny

Qualities to Look For in a Nanny

At the time of in-person interview, there are many valuable factors to take into account aside from the applicant’s responses to your list of nanny questions.

For sure, there are some useful ways on how to determine whether the applicant would be a perfect nanny for your family.

Here are some of the qualities one must look for in a Calgary nanny at the time of the interview process:

  • Appears put-together. Literally, you cannot judge a book by its cover; however, how well a potential nanny cares for herself is just one of the several ways on how to determine how well she will look after your child. You may consider observing if she is groomed and neatly dressed.
  • Ask suitable questions. A candidate’s questions are another way to identify whether or not she will be an ideal nanny for the family. Observe if she is concerned about childcare issues; if she does not comment, then perhaps she is non-communicative which is not a good sign. This relationship won’t work out well for probably she is more engrossed in any job rather than the position you’re offering her.
  • Can interact well with your child. Take into consideration that a valuable part of the interview must comprise of some face time with your kid. Observe if the candidate looks attentive, caring and patient. Notice if she is comfortable playing and holding your child. In short, observe how she handles the situation.

What about the questions you should ask yourself after the interview process?

Consider noting your first impressions post-interview and afterwards ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the applicant seem clever? Being able to follow instructions, the ability to interact well with you and your child and the ability to think and handle situations on her own must be on the top of your list when searching for Calgary nannies. Additionally, she must be able to read books with your child and must possess the ability to engage her in many stimulating ways.
  • Did both of you have a good chemistry? This implies that you can communicate well with her in terms of touchy subjects. Likewise, you must also feel comfortable with her. Observe if she has a sense of humor or if she is easy to talk to. Remember that for a relationship to work well, you will have to be in constant contact.
  • Is the applicant physically capable of handling a nanny job? This is especially important as you do not want to entrust your baby to someone who is not strong and capable enough to look after your baby. Consider the fact that taking care of a baby isn’t easy so think carefully if she can handle your baby once he or she grows into a toddler.
  • Is the applicant dependable? Be mindful that being late for the interview even though she has valid excuses may be an indication that she has issues sticking to a schedule.

Trustworthy, reliable and smart nannies are rare at present. So, this conveys that a thorough screening is a must. When it concerns your family’s welfare and safety, make sure to work only with someone who is dedicated to her job just like those in http://www.preferrednanniescalgary.com/ who treat you as a family and is more than willing to offer a loving and committed nannies service.