Meet Brandon Steven: The All Rounder Of Entrepreneurship

Born in an entrepreneurial family of Wichita, Kansas, Brandon Steven got all the necessary skills of business from his father. The skills got complimented by the discipline provide by his mother who was a school teacher. This man has made success in different ventures. It is like, that he just thinks about a business in his mind and it turns into the reality! But the reality is that it is his sheer dedication and passion towards the entrepreneurship, which has led him to a success path.

His Ventures

Brandon was clear about two things from the start, that he wanted to play as many sports he can and start as many ventures that his mind allows him to. This condition of his mind created all the necessary path for him in order to achieve his goals.

Steven Snow Removal

Even when he was in school, the entrepreneur inside him never stopped working. He and his brother Rodney established many ventures during this time. Their main startups were, a snow shoveling driveways, which became Steven Snow Removal after a while, and the Pigeon Busters, which was about selling pigeons to the hunters for dog training. The Steven Snow Removal still works well and handles hundreds of clients throughout the Kansas.

Selling used cars

During his high school period, he began working for a motor company. This gave him the idea about the car industry and created a new idea in his curious mind. Even though he wanted to start his own business, his parents sent him to Southern Illinois University away from Wichita, where he completed his graduation in marketing.

During his time at the University, he started a business of selling used cars. He used to buy the cars from the locals and sell them to others. He made a lot of money through this, but it was more like a practice for him for a bigger game of the future. He also founded the HBO Guide for his campus and got cash from advertising.

Marketing Company

After getting the degree in marketing 1995, Brandon came back to Wichita and started a multi-level marketing company with his father and brother. This company came out as a huge success and three of them made a strong name of Stevens in Wichita, Kansas.

Brandon Steven Motors

In 1996, Brandon Steven bought a building for his new venture called Brandon Steven Motors. He ran that place as the used car selling and servicing company for a while and simultaneously engaged himself in the joint ventures with other big motor companies in Wichita.

In 2004, Brandon purchased his first new car dealership called Subaru, a brand of Wichita. Time went fast and Brandon moved faster towards his success with the dealership of Ford of Augusta and Suzuki franchise. He quickly became the name for himself in the car dealing market of Wichita. But his biggest achievement was when he became the biggest dealer of Eddy’s Toyota in the region and won every manufacturer award in 2013 and 2014.

He is still moving forward at a fast pace and we can expect a lot of new ideas coming out of his mind.


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