HGH Dose of 4IU per Day

HGH- human growth hormone is a powerful anabolic hormone that is produced naturally in your body by your pituitary gland. It stimulates the muscle growth, boosts protein production and then it will increase your body use of fat. Human growth hormone levels naturally decrease with age but some amino acids can stimulate the release of HGH.

HGH daily dosage:

If the purpose of using human growth hormone therapy is for replacing the hormone in the old age then the supplements required for human growth about a dose of 4IU per day. But the usage is to boost up the health performance then you have to use 4IU to 6IU per day dose will be required. The doses that are naturally released in the body at an early stage will be safe and also effective.

To undergo the therapy you have to provide the safety and effectiveness in part of your life. The common dose of human growth hormone is 1 IU per day that should be given at bedtime once. The great effectiveness of this dose will result if the daily dose is continued for 4 days in a week.

Some of them will recommend one and a half to two IU per day of human growth hormone. You have to observe that more than 2 IU will give you dangerous side effects. Some have proved that in some cases the dose of 4 IU per day taken for 2 times a day for 3 months will give more effective than 2 IU per day. This dosage is found to be effective in reducing the body weight. For the purpose of anti-aging then you can take 3 IU per day will be sufficient.

It is found that low doses will reduce the risk of side effects. Lower doses like 4 IU to 6 IU per week will be allocated 2 times a day for one week. The dose will be taken according to the condition of the patient. Some will prescribe a low dose of 0.5 IU per day and then you can slowly increment. It is observed that increase in dosage to around 6 IU will lead to experiencing the access tunnel. For athletes, the dosage will differ. Athletes have to take 60 IU per week. Athletes will take around 4 to 10 IU per day of human growth hormone.

How do properly use HGH?

Human growth hormone is measured in IU. The dosage will depend on the goal. You can use 2 IU per day for anti-aging and for bodybuilding use 4 to 6 IU. Doses below the 3 IU per day will bring no side effects and there will be an improvement of skin and more energy. After several weeks at 4IU, you will start to feel some side effects. Some will feel a tingling sensation in their fingers and palms.

When using a dose of 4IU, you can split the dose into two daily injections. You have to avoid taking HGH before bedtime.


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