Broadfork: One of the most reliable tools for gardeners

For those who are into gardening, there are plenty tools available in the market. Although there are lots of these tools that some people are not aware of, yet the Broadfork is known well to seasoned gardeners. A Broadfork tool has the capability to reduce ample workload and on top of that, it brings a good yield. Furthermore, this tool is known to enrich the soil making it more fertile. Broadfork is a type of tool used for gardening, especially for the manual aeration process of garden beds instead of making use of motorized rototiller. By the looks of it, a Broadfork appears to be somewhat like a pitchfork that has a handle on each of the sides. The best way of using it is to dig at a perpendicular angle into the ground and step over the crossbar. This will push the sharp tines deeper. Once that happens, the handle has to be pulled back, lifted and this is how the bed of the garden is aerated efficiently. Although a rototiller can do the job much more easily without any manual labour as such, but the results with a Broadfork tool are just better.

Some Benefits of Using the Broadfork tool

  • Planting earlier: A rototiller might be easier to use, but it completely disrupts the structure of the soil. Furthermore, it leads to the formation of small layers of bricks through which roots are not able to penetrate. Imagine the frustration when the soil is almost tilled and all of a sudden, it starts raining. This can eventually cause massive delays in planting. The one condition for rototiller would be that the condition of soil needs to be dry as it is not too effective on wet soil. On the contrary, Broadfork works perfectly on damp soil since it does not exactly involve chopping and mixing of soil. This is the reason why planting process can be started earlier by using Broadfork tool.
  • Preserve Rhizosphere: Rhizosphere is known as the collection of soil, which contains the roots of plants along with the microorganisms associated to it and secretions. There are lots of farmers who are gradually switching to a no-till structure of farming. This way, the planting process does not have to start from the beginning. Furthermore, we can preserve the top soil this way and the requirement of fertilizers will also go down.

Effective workaround for Broadfork tool

Once plants have matured on the soil, the remainder of the soil bed has to be made ready for replanting. The Broadforktool immensely helps in this process as it retains the quality of the soil as opposed to a rototiller. Furthermore, this tool works perfectly even on beds that are raised with the edges made of wood. Thus, one does not have to unnecessarily lift a rototiller, which in turn is heavy. One can even make their own Broadfork tool as there are DIY websites that teach how to do it.

While choosing the broadfork tool, one needs to make sure that all the components are intact and the build quality is good enough. It doesn’t matter whether the patch of land is uneven, the Broadfork tool is much easier to use although laborious. But as long as the quality of soil remains intact and top soil layer stays fertile, we will always vouch for this tool for gardeners.


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