Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments Mississauga for Autism

There are a lot of doctors who are starting to recommend hyperbaric oxygen treatments Mississauga to those who have various medical conditions. While this is known to help those who are undergoing chemotherapy, this treatment is also known to be very effective for people who have autism particularly children.

It should be remembered though that while this type of treatment is recommended, there are two types available depending on where the treatment will be done. Hyperbaric oxygent treatment Mississauga done in the clinic or in the hospital would need to be supervised by the doctor. The treatment will compose of exposing the patient to 100% pure oxygen. If in case the treatment will be done at home, concentrated oxygen will be used instead. This is for the safety of the patients and all the people who will be within the vicinity while the treatment is being done.

A lot of times, the brain needs a lot of oxygen in order to function properly. When you are doing different tasks, you are requiring more energy to come to your brain so that you can continue with the task further. Autistic children are known to get decreased blood flow in various parts of the body including the brain. By exposing them to pure oxygen, it will be easier for them to do tasks as they have an increased blood flow and glucose.

Another thing that should be noted is that children with autism may be prone to getting inflammation in various parts of their bodies. The inflammation usually occurs in the stomach area. It particularly affects the colon, small intestines and the stomach. This explains why people with autism usually encounter some gastrointestinal problems. Exposure to the hyperbaric oxygen treatments will help improve their gastrointestinal condition.

There is still a lot of research being done in order to prove that this type of treatment truly improves the condition of those who are diagnosed with autism but so far, there are some benefits that are noted. For example, if there are some toxins that are inside the body, the exposure to pure oxygen will help remove those metals and other harmful elements. Another benefit is that overall blood flow in the body will improve a lot. This means that if there is any inflammation in various parts of the body, the inflammation will subside and blood will flow freely.

There is also a study that states that it helps form new blood vessels and capillaries in the brain which is needed so that all parts of the body will be exposed to oxygen. It is true that oxygen can truly give people life. Without it, then people will find it harder to function and to live. Those with autism can get the benefits through this treatment that is given out by Under Pressure Inc. You may want to read up more about it if you are interested.

According to some studies, people with autism show great progress after undergoing the treatment. They may start to respond more to sounds and they may also lessen their tendency to injure themselves when they are alone or even with other people. Of course, it would take more than one session to prove if the hyperbaric oxygen chamber in Mississauga can actually provide people with what they need.


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