Know more about steroids!!!

The synthetic male hormones that have the molecular structure similar to that of cholesterol are termed as steroids. The anabolic steroids have wide ranging effects on the functions of the body. The intake of prescription-over the drug supplements, which enhances the stamina of an individual to workout, is nothing new with the athletes. The intake of the anabolic steroid is banned by the domestic and international sports organizations, but that does not make the sports personalities from using them.

The steroid medicines  are generally taken by the athletes and bodybuilders, so as to enhance the physique, performance and the muscle mass. The synthetic steroids are the chemical modifications of the testosterone and the male sex hormone. The testosterone is manufactured in the female ovaries in a very small amount as well as in the male testis. The synthetic male hormones are associated with testosterone and are designed for stimulation of the growth muscle tissue. The body produces a variety of steroids, i.e. the andrenocortical steroid.

Some of the anabolic steroids are associated with some hormones manufactured in the endocrine system in regard to functions. It is important to differentiate anabolic steroids and the corticosteroids. The anabolic steroids are the steroids with androgenic properties that are synthetically created and are similar to that of the testosterone, increasing the skeletal musculature, increasing protein in cellular structures, etc, whereas the corticosteroids are the hormones manufactured in the adrenal cortex responsible for numerous physiological processes.

Also, the corticosteroids are meant for treating the medical conditions including the Crohn’s disease, dermatitis and many more. The anabolic steroids are the synthetic forms of testosterone that is meant for the treatment of delayed puberty, low levels of testosterone, hypogonadism, etc. Some of the steroids that are used in sports:

  • Holotestin
  • Dianabol
  • Durabolin
  • Anavar
  • Clenbutrol
  • Anadrol
  • Testosterone
  • Human growth hormone
  • Winstrol
  • Trenbolone

There are numerous steroids, which are used by athletes for non-medical use. Also, some of the steroids have been banned by the Anti-doping agencies. The anabolic steroids are prescription only drugs. Some of the dietary supplements are legal and available out of the counter that is much safer in regard to its side effects. The steroids are being used on recommendation of  a doctor for making treatment of muscle wasting disease, anemia and growth disorders, etc. The steroids attach to the androgen receptors and functions for stimulation of the synthesis of protein.

The steroids medicines pose least side effects, if taken in a right dose. The anabolic steroids is stacked with other steroids so as to enhance the physique efforts as well as for acceleration of the muscle building. IN medical terms, the steroids are termed as the dangerous substances that are when injected in the body without any reason or any medical supervision. Some other alternative steroids are available including more exercise, exploration of natural supplements, which may help in boosting the production of testosterone and IGF-1 without any such risks to health and wellness.


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