Ocean Hills Recovery Inc- your Best Friend for Dual Diagnosis Treatment in California

Base on the current statistics, the California dual diagnosis patient rate is the highest in all of the United States. All of the picturesque beauty of California can no longer keep the harsh reality of drug addiction in every second person. The grasp of addiction is so deep rooted that more than often people are found suffering from the Dual Diagnosis syndrome. This is the case irrespective of gender or age and even socio-economic statuses. So, with the ever increasing stats there is obviously the presence of many dual diagnosis treatment centers California. Among them, one of the best is the Ocean Hills Recovery.

Before going to the ways of treatment it is important to know what Dual diagnosis is all about. Dual Diagnosis is a phenomenon involving both physical and mental health. To be more precise it is a situation in which an individual is diagnosed with drug use disorder which is accompanied with a co-occurring mental health disorder. The mental health disorder can be anything ranging from anxiety disorders, Bipolar to acute depression and Schizophrenia even, based on the severity of the case. The best way to treat such a situation is to adopt innovative methods targeting both the mental illness and drug addiction simultaneously. That is exactly what is done in Ocean Hills Recovery centre. Their approach towards dual diagnosis treatment is basically a 3-way intervention which is an amalgamation of psychological, medical and the spiritual. They call it “Collaborative Recovery” and it is rightfully so.

A lot of fears and inhibitions encircle the patient and thus, often people do not opt for treatment. But, negation makes it worse. This dual diagnosis treatment California gives an overall treatment with comfortable patient engagements. Collaborative Recovery is not just a fancy name; the treatment technique at Ocean Hills Recovery Inc totally justifies it. Their treatment program for Dual Diagnosis deals with providing the addict with a safety cushion encircled by his or her family members, trained physicians and therapists that ultimately speed up the recovery process. The treatment program here both heals as well as nurtures the mental health of the addicted patient. This complex manifestation of dual diagnosis is handled by their highly trained therapists with utmost care and finesse.

The collaborative Recovery program is more of a deep-rooted treatment where the issues that crop up during the process of recovering the addict are addressed. Not just that, all necessary and innovative measures are taken to ease out the process and make the healing process faster. There are varied complexities attached to the treatment of Dual Diagnosis. There are several rehab centers in California that are not equipped to handle the complications of dual diagnosis patients. Thus, they do not admit them. However, you just do not need to worry because Ocean Hills Recovery is there to help you come out of your critical situation. They have the belief that with the correct measurements of support and care any severe addiction with mental illness can be recovered. It is this belief that acts as a driving force for the professionals in Ocean Hills Recovery Inc.


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