Canada – Immigration and Citizenship

Immigrants are essential for the economic growth of a country, the most amazing thing is the reason for immigration is still the same as they were 3000 years back, we can say there are two major factors for immigration firstly, people migrate because they perceived economically they are better off(this is mostly the case for developing countries). The other factor that comes into picture is if the currency is losing it’s value. Something people also migrate when the political power is sinking.

In the same way we can say there are two categories of migrants the first category can be people who want to migrate for certain duration of time and then return back, the other category is people who want to migrate and attain the citizenship of that country through marriage with locals of that country. What about those who keep on migrating and migrating they are in third category. The best foreign policy a country can have is a really good Immigration program.

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Immigration to Canada

Immigration is the process by which people migrate to Canada and settle in that country. Recently in 2008 there were significant changes in citizenship and Immigration to Canada those changes included reduced professional categories for skilled immigration.

In Canada there are four categories of immigrants as listed below:-

  1. Family class(closely related persons of Canadian people)
  2. Economic immigrants (skilled workers and business class people fall in this category)
  3. Others (those who are accepted because of humanitarian reasons).

Along with federal and provincial programs of immigration the following are the most important reasons for Immigrants to move to Canada

  • Economic growth :- Because of unstable U.S economy now the next option for Immigrants has been Canada since it has outstanding market for workers. According to a recent survey it’s budget is more balanced than countries such as France Italy and Japan.
  • Diversity (openness to immigrants) :- Canada has always proves to be a that respects individuality, freedom also there are no anti immigration political parties, Canada offers a really high quality of living.

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Conclusion :- Canada is really a best place to live in it’s safe and secure. Crime rate as compared to other countries is extremely low. It is a social country with good health and education system. It offers you a beautiful climate all year around process of getting PR is relatively easy as compared to other countries.

It is open to immigrants having so cultural diversity is a plus point.


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