Motivational Assessments for Organizations

It is no secret that an organizations success depends on the workforce – the more motivated and engaged they are, the more productive the organization will be. This creates the need to measure motivational fit of any employee in the organization. Every organization does better by being able to accurately measure the factors that play into driving and motivating a person to excel at their job and stay within it. An accurate report covering these can help in creating better policies and drive the success of the organization.

Measuring the motivational fit is now made easier through the presence of behavioural/psychometric tests that have various motivational questions. These tests are generally comprehensive and measure the motivational fit based on 8 key motivators that fall under 3 major needs – sustainability needs (security, money), growth needs (power, advancement, achievement) and relatedness needs (recognition, affiliation, competition). This provides a very complete image of the employees and where they fall in the motivation spectrum.

The Benefits of a Motivational Test

  1. It is possible to get an accurate measure of the various motivators that are in play with a certain individual. On an organizational level, this gives you data on the factors that are considered important by all employees.
  2. Based on the level of motivation in a person, the test can help identify which applicant is the best fit to carry out a certain role.
  3. The data made available makes it easier to identify and understand the links that exist between individual motivation and the employee engagement within the organization.
  4. Based on the strongest motivators for a certain person, the test makes it possible to redeploy talent so that the best and most motivated talent goes into the job most suited for them across the business.
  5. The understanding created by assessing the motivational factors makes it possible to shortlist and put together teams that can work well together.

The Organization and a Psychometric Test

Having a motivational fit assessment test is helpful for various industries. These sectors include IT, ITeS, banking & finance, insurance, FMCG, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. Moreover, it is also relevant at all points of the employee lifecycle, starting from the selection of people into graduate, professional and management positions to the on-boarding and deployment of new employees, training and development, team building as well as employee progression.

It is possible to tailor the scientific benchmarking process used to test for various positions within a certain organization. The assessments can also be changed and mapped with the organization’s competency framework in order to get the best fit for the particular organization. The thresholds that are determined for proficiency levels are drawn up from the normal probability distribution of scores for a particular norm group.

The test has also been constructed to completely weed out any form of social desirability bias that may exist. The scoring of various questions that may be manipulated is kept unpredictable. Moreover, it can be scientifically figured out if any respondent has randomly answered or manipulated the answers given. This ensures that the test answers and results cannot be faked or manipulated.


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