Back and Neck Pain? Switch Up the Office Chair

A lot of injuries can be attributed to things like physical activity or maybe an accident during a home project or chore. The problem that exists for those outside of the ordinary cases, however, is how to handle an injury that does not have a clear root cause. A lot of times, the little things that do not get thought of during the day can actually be the problem, and a big threat to overall physical health is the amount of sitting that takes place at work.


There are plenty of jobs where standing or moving around is just out of the question, or maybe managers prefer their employees to be at a desk in a traditional way. Those situations do not leave professionals without any resource to tackle physical ailments associated with sitting, so long as ergonomic office chairs become a focus.

Neck and Back Pain Make Everything Harder

Two of the most minor pains that nearly every working individual feels from time to time are neck and back pains. There are good reasons for this too; most chairs do not support the back and neck in an adequate way. Moreover, there are few chairs that offer ergonomic support for a cost that makes sense for an individual entrepreneur or company shopping for an entire staff. That’s why Autonomous has begun to really blossom into the one stop shop for ergonomic office furniture. There are a lot of brands out there making office chairs, but innovation and inventiveness are helping Autonomous cut out a piece of the market all for its own.

The ErgoChair 2 is a prime example of why neck and back pain exist. When viewing the ErgoChair 2, its tall silhouette and neck rest provide a level of comfort that most chairs do not. Additionally, a breathable and resistant mesh covers the back of the chair to provide support that is unheard of in other office chairs. The ErgoChair 2 is a full adjustable seat as well. Everything from the lumbar support to the head rest itself can be adjusted to fit the user perfectly.


Likewise, the color options of the ErgoChair 2 run the gambit for every office design and decor, including remote and at-home employees. The way that the ErgoChair 2 can be adjusted in virtually every angle and direction is revolutionary for the long suffering employees and managers that experience neck and back pain on a daily basis. There are a number of things in life that can contribute to these pains, but not many solutions. The best path forward when the office is negatively affecting physical health for employees is an office chair that supports and sustains these problem areas, and Autonomous provides great options and even greater prices.

Autonomous Offers Answers

Autonomous is a leading ecommerce brand for a reason. The blend of comfort and ergonomic support is not easy to find, but each office chair on their website allows working professionals the luxury executive chair experience at a fraction of the wallet draining costs of other companies. Best of all, an Autonomous office chair order for an entire office brings costs down thanks to special discounts on bulk orders. Do not fret with confusing instructions or disorienting instructions, because Autonomous offers assembly solutions as well.


Back and neck pain can make the work day feel excruciating, but with the support of an Autonomous office chair like the ErgoChair 2, the body feels fresh every hour of the day thanks to supportive, comfortable designs and state of the art innovation from the rising leader in office furniture. Find the perfect Autonomous ergonomic office chair today.


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